Sons of Cross was founded by Elton Cross in 2014. Elton started out in property development by chance 17 years ago and has never looked back. He has loved every aspect of the journey to date – all the ups and the downs.

The Journey
Besides developing property successfully, Elton has also been a successful project manager in the corporate world, successfully running and delivering multi-million dollar programs of work for large multi nationals worldwide. However his true passion has always vested with property, creating innovative property development solutions and he now does this full-time. Elton has developed and project managed multiple property projects successfully. He has built up a network of professional trades and consultants that support every aspect of the property development lifecycle. He is now able to assist other budding property developers and investors make their journey through property development safer and easier.

Our Ethos
Sons of Cross is passionate about delivering quality homes and exceptional results to her investors, equity partners, shareholders and of course home owners and renters. This is our Mission. We believe in win-win solutions for all parties which is a core part of our Values. We are not just about enabling life choices for our stakeholders, but for generations to come. This is our Vision and we work very hard to see this fulfilled.

Our Vision ‘Enabling life choices for generations’ is about giving our investors freedom of choice. Choices enabled from being financially free. This comes from making wise investment decisions, a prudent approach to risk management, delivering on our promises and a pursuit of continual learning and improving. We believe in enabling this freedom of choice not just for our investors, but for generations to come.

We hope in some way you become part of and share in the exciting journey of Sons of Cross.

Our Mission

To deliver reliable, quality, innovative property development solutions that create financial freedom for our investors, shareholders and partners

Our Vision

Enabling life choices for generations

Our Values

Passionate about creating
win-win solutions

Trusted to deliver on our promises

Determined to continually improve