Joint Ventures – Property Development

We believe in getting results and creating value before we are paid. As such we have developed a unique profitable model that delivers value that is risk free to the owners of the land we partner with.

Our Unique model:

We work with you and develop feasibility models and assess the potential of the land using multiple scenarios and potential profitability for all parties. This is a no cost obligation to the land owners.

Should the feasibility show promise, we will then partner with the land owner to develop the land. We do this in 2 stages.


Stage 1 is about getting Development Approval for the best scenario from the feasibility assessment. As we believe in getting results and creating value before we are paid, we put our money where our mouth is. At no cost or risk to the owners of the land, we pay for the complete Development Approval / town planning costs. We guarantee that we will get you the plans and permits for the development or you pay nothing. We only get paid if we are successful at getting development approval / town planning permits. This ties back to one of our core values i.e. Trusted to deliver on our promises

Stage 2 is the build and sales stage. Should both parties wish to continue the partnership to complete this stage, we will then work with your unique situation to help realise your dream by contributing to the costs to help complete the project and share in the profits returned.

Throughout the entire process, we will work alongside you to get the best outcomes for OUR project. We win when you win and we are passionate about this which is why it is also part of our core Values i.e. Passionate about creating win-win solutions.