491 Brunswick Rd is an exciting 2 townhouse project that will restore the existing heritage spanish home with modern features and build a brand new modern townhouse at the rear.

This project commenced in July 2016 and is expected to complete by September 2018.

4 Thoughts on “491 Brunswick Rd, Brunswick West”

  • Loan docs delayed due to the manager at the bank being too busy. However, expecting loan docs to be available by Tuesday the 22nd of August.
    Also, drainage design is currently with Council with the amendments made. It was re-submitted on the 14th of Aug. I spoke with Council and they say they will get to it in 3 weeks time.
    The builder has also sent the protection notice works to the neighbours as we will need to access their driveway when demolishing the garage. They have refused to sign the order, so we had to send it via registered post. If there is no objection in 2 weeks time, then we will get the demolition permit from the building surveyor.

  • We have reached Fixing stage for Unit 2 and expect Unit 1 to reach Fixing stage soon. Project is behind, but the end result should be fantastic!!

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